“Most Outstanding Rural Woman” Honored

(via loQal.ph, Anna Valmero, November 5, 2010)

The Philippine Commission on Women has named farmer and single-mother Amelia Gresones the Most Outstanding Rural Woman of the Philippines. She will be representing the country at the World Summit for Women in Geneva Switzerland in the spring.

Ms. Gresones is a widowed mother of 5, who grows organic produce on her two hectare farm to support her family’s nutrition needs and sells the surplus to her neighbors. She is also an accomplished fisherwoman (a skill passed down from her father). Amelia has dedicated her life to helping her community adopt sustainable farming and is an active member of her local Rural Improvement Club.

Click here for the story and her picture

Women around the worlsd bear the responsbility for feeding and supporting their families. The International Institute of Rural Reconstruction is doing its part to support them through Adult Education, Food Security, Asset Building, and Wealth Creation programs. To learn more, please visit our website at www.iirr.org and read this related article:

Helping Entrepreneurs Harness Local Value Chains

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